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Savant Tools
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World Time - Online world clock that displays a clock in your browser tabs.

Timer with Alarm - Online timer / online alarm clock.

User Scripts Mirror - Archived copy of

Mobile Paint - Online webapp for drawing & sketching on iPhone/iPad/Android.

Cursive Text Generator - Fun tool to create cursive-looking text. Ex: ℒℴѵℯ  αη∂  ķίşşℯş.

Online Calculator - As easy as Windows calc, with a few nice tricks.

Adwords Template - Faster way to make Google text ads.

Page Timer - Use a timer to track how long you spend on a website.

RSS Feed Helper - Easier detection and subscription for RSS feeds.

All Your Prices - Your guide to better shopping.

Developer Tools: - Most simple way see your IP. - Online text diff tool. 100% client side. - Request any status from our server. - Check your computer's screen size / resolution. - See the info transmitted by your browser. - Very simple form for creating a test HTTP POST. - Echo submitted form data to the browser. - Fastest way to create a test URL link. - Test if a web page can be framed. - Old fashioned frameset for testing. - Show 2 pages in 1 tab using frames. - Test images for transparency and hotlinking. - A simple page with a textarea. - A simple page with an HTML table. - Create a redirection link for testing. - Test regular expressions using Javascript. - Find and replace text with regular expressions. - Encode or decode a URL. - Encode or decode HTML entities. - Convert Unicode characters to HTML entities. - Convert Unicode characters to ASCII encoding.

Many more coming soon...

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