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Direct Links to Google Maps

Create short links directly to any Google map with this bookmarklet.
  1. Bookmark the following link (add it to your favorites): G Map Link.
  2. When looking at a Google map, click the bookmarklet.
  3. Get a tiny URL that links directly to the Google map.

What is a bookmarklet - a tiny program stored in a web link.

This bookmarklet uses to shorten excessively long map URLs.

Tip: the RapidShare AutoWait bookmarklet speeds up RapidShare downloads.

Note:  The bookmarklet above directy copies the map URL that is generated by Google's map software.  Nothing in the URL is changed.  It is only shortened.  Some of these URLs will display a map that is slightly different than the one being viewed at the time of creation.  This is the result of Google's map software and is beyond external control.