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Bypass barriers to deep linking.

Anonymize any hyperlink with a simple prefix.

Enter your URL: http://

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Check for deep link blocking with our Test Link creator.

This type of service is also commonly called a link anonymizer, link dereferrer, referrer hider.

Anonymous links do not bypass all possible methods for blocking deep links.
They only hide referrer to prevent simple hotlink checking based on the HTTP REFERER header.

Referrer checking is the easiest, and most commonly used method to stop direct links to media files such as images. Anonymous links will not affect password protection or other advanced methods for blocking direct links.

Anon-a-Link hides referrer information from remote servers. It DOES NOT hide your IP address from remote servers.

Link Anonymize only works for hyperlinks. It does not work with inline images created using <img> tags.   Check for deep link blocking with our Test Link creator.

Other accepted URL formats are:

Anon-a-Link was previously labeled "Link Anonymizer", not to be confused with Anonymizer, Inc.

Anon-a-Link must only be used for legal purposes.